Friday, October 21, 2016

Coastal Living in Ireland

Helen Tilston and Katy foraging for seaweed. Photo John Crowley
Hope you all have had a wonderful summer and that Autumn is as beautiful where you are as  it is here in Ireland.

Helen's walk by Youghal Lighthouse. Photo Helen Tilston
This is part of my daily run/walk here in Youghal, County Cork. 

Photo Helen Tilston
The view returning from my walk.

Mackerel freshly caught by local fisherman and gifted to me
A gift of freshly caught mackerel from a generous fisherman.   

My friend Katy and I foraging for Rosehips  Photo Helen Tilston
Harvesting with my friend Katy for rose hips.   There are many recipes and we primarily use rose hip at the onslaught of a cold.  It always seems to work for us.

Photo by Katy - on shore enjoying the "meitheal" A must is a silver teapot
Foraging is hard work and our reward is tea on the shore.  Only from a silver tea pot and china cups.
Sometimes we have home made short bread biscuits from Ahernes Restaurant

Art Show - at Aherne's Restaurant Youghal

Plein Aire Cottage Artists show continues at Aherne's in Youghal, Co. Cork.

Art show at Aherne's Youghal

Art Show Aherne's Restaurant Youghal

Our foraging of seaweed at low tide yesterday yielded pepper dulse, bladderwrack and serrated wrack. The latter as shown in photo at beginning is used for a seaweed bath, which is a luxury.

I am looking forward to catching up with all of you and your blogs shortly.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Old Head, Kinsale, Ireland

Painting in progress by Helen Tilston at Old Head Golf Course
Old Head Golf Course in Kinsale is unique.  It was ranked #1 by Links Magazine as the most beautiful golf course on earth.

Old Head is reached by a land bridge from the mainland.

We spent a most memorable weekend here. My husband, Mike golfed and enjoyed the challenge and was pleased to not lose any balls.  I took the opportunity to paint and I have received a commission.

View from space of Old Head which sticks out like a little finger

Daniel Tani astronaut from Illinois completed five space walks in his career with NASA. During his 130 days in space, Daniel said he often found his eyes and mind wandering to Kinsale, Co. Cork.  Daniel met his wife at Old Head Golf Course and is a regular guest.

Mike Tilston stands by Stone of Accord at Old Head Golf Course

The Stone of Accord was used in Ireland to seal important deals and make up arguments.  Wedding vows were for one year only and were renewed by joining hands through the hole in the stone.

Mike Tilston 18th hold - a birdie!

The service, food, scenery and atmosphere were exceptional.